Hi there! I'm Nick Bruun, a 29 year old self taught developer, wannabe designer and all-round certified moron. I'm a fresh immigrant to Los Angeles, having grown up in Denmark and spent the last 7 years in Copenhagen. I mostly spend my time slinging code and consuming extranous amounts of caffeine as the Head of Engineering at a software company I co-founded in 2017, Audacious, where we're building something genuinely exciting.

When I'm not working I have a big passion for open source software, and I often draw a lot of my inspiration and at least attempt to contribute back to the open source community. Apart from that, I'm almost religious about any kind of motorsports not involving mud or water, and I have done my fair share of racing myself.

I'm an opinionated fella' with a lot of ideas (the sensibility of which are a separate matter), so to avoid driving everyone around me crazy, this is my outlet. In other words, there's no strict theme to what you might find here, as I tend to voice my opinion on anything that relates to my daily life. I'm from time to time referred to as a grumpy old man, so consider that a disclaimer for any content on here.

If you need to get in contact with me, nick@bruun.co is the place to hit me up.