I don’t often care to broadcast anyone’s job openings. Most of the time, it’s someone looking for the stealth Japanese warrior equivalent of the coding Albert Einstein anyway. But, if you’re in Europe and have a knack for ops, what might just be the ultimate ops job has just opened up at my previous employer and good friends, 23.

Back when I was working at 23 a little over two years ago, they were already among the larger Northern European Web outfits on pure traffic and volume. It was a challenge to develop and run even back then – a challenge, I learned a heck of a lot from. Since then, they’ve grown significantly while keeping a pretty impressive product edge over the competition, which means that the person to take over ops at 23 is being served one hell of an awesome challenge in the most non-corporate of environments (I got away with flip flops for a long time), working alongside the product people.

The challenges aside, I can personally vouch for the fact that the person to take the job will be working alongside an awesome bunch of people. From your quintessential hipster dad through to your creative Polish accountant, the whole lot is both lovely and ambitious, with a culture most companies should be envious of.

So, allow me to make an exception here: if you’re looking for an ops job that’s going to teach you a hell of a lot about running Web software at scale and throw challenges at you every day while getting to work alongside a brilliant bunch, you should seriously have a chat with the guys at 23. The only downside? You might be exposed to something I built years ago. It probably isn’t pretty. Don’t say you weren’t warned.